Pelvis and Posture Restoration

Pelvis (and pelvic floor issues) are postural issues and postural issues are pelvis issues.  They go together.  For our new (or new to be) moms that are here from Babe Lincoln, welcome.  Below you will find more information on our approach to pelvis and postural issues with some specific information geared towards you.  Welcome and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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Our approach (Why the Egg??)

Hear from Lori, one of our Physical Therapists, who literally wrote the book on our approach to management of pelvis and pelvic floor issues looking at the whole body from a postural/outside-in approach.  She explains why we want your egg structure inside you to be strong for pelvis and postural issues.  Our approach is unique in helping you with pelvis issues, hip and back issues, and gives you the ability to manage your symptoms yourself without awkward or uncomfortable internal assessment or treatment.  Learn More by wathching the video below.

Tips from Lori T

Whether you have a new baby, struggle with pelvis symptoms, or just want to be in a good position when you nurse or hold your babe to avoid the postural strain on your neck and back, here are some tips from Lori how to do it better!

Meet Megan

Hear from one of our patients, Megan, who describes how our approach is different and helped her get back to the things she likes to do after the birth of her twins.

More than just Kegels

Listen to 2 of our Physical Therapists, Dave and Lori, describe a specific technique designed to engage and restore pelvis and pelvis floor muscle position in a more specific effective way than just doing kegels.  Because we take an outside-in approach you will be able to do these exercises and feel more comfortable with them.  All of our therapists, including the guys can help you and still keep things comfortable.

Abs: Beyond Crunches

Even if everything goes perfect with having a new baby all new moms should do something to get their muscles, and specifically their abdominal muscles, back in shape.  There is more to it than just crunches.  Watch Lori describe when, what and how to safely and effectively get those abdominal muscles back.

Positioning throughout Pregnancy

Obviously your body goes through a large amount of change as you go through and following pregnancy.  Here is a quick guide from Jason, on of outr therapists, with tips for body positioning for sleeping, sitting, and standing throughout your pregnancy.  Read more here!

Hruska Clinic Newsletter

Every Month our clinic does a newsletter with tips and information on a specific topic.  Read last months newsletter which includes a lot of this information geared towards new moms, pelvis issues, and how we can help

More from Lori

If you just cant get enough of Lori, here are some older videos she did on pelvis issues from our youTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/HruskaClinic)

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