The following list of clinical products are occasionally used in conjunction with treatment at the Hruska Clinic. The Hruska Clinic does not necessarily endorse or have any financial relationships with any product listed. Rather, this list is provided as a resource to clinicians or patients.

As an Amazon Associate, The Hruska Clinic may earn commissions from qualifying purchases if the links below are used.

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Currex RunPro Insoles
12″ Balloons
6″ Ball
12″ Theraband Loops
Scaphoid (Arch) Pads
Walking Sticks
Leg Weights
Therapeutica Pillow
Bed Wedge Pillow
AirEx Balance Pad
Fitter First Board
Upholstery Foam 2″ x 18″ x 18″
Dentek Mouth Guard
+.50 Reading Glasses
Silicone Heel Cups
The Breather
Power Lung
Heel Tapper Plates
Even Up
Travel Step Stool
Dynamic Edge/Skiiers Edge

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