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Nearly everyone assumes that his or her body is symmetrical.  The human body is symmetrical  for many of its structures.  We observe two arms, legs, eyes, nostrils, and so on.  However, while the human body is outwardly symmetrical, most internal organs are asymmetrical with regards to the left and right side of the body.  For example, the heart is on the left side, the right lung has more lobes than the left, and the liver lies on the right side of the body.

In addition we are wired asymmetrically with a dominant brain hemisphere.   Research has shown that the left cerebral hemisphere is dominant over the right in most humans.  This leads to what we realize as having a preferred hand, foot, eye and more. This means that we will use the 2 sides of our body differently for just about every activity we do. This is considered a functional asymmetry between the 2 sides of our body and is completely normal.

Because of this structural imbalance and neurological imbalance which is constantly reinforced by our activities and the way we have structured our world (mouses on the right side of the keyboard, etc.), postural asymmetry is bound to happen to varying degrees. This is why you will see one shoulder higher than the other, one side of the pelvis higher than the other, feet with different arch shapes and a host of various other asymmetries. This is normal and expected.

Our bodies utilize these asymmetries to create patterns of movement including the way we walk, chew our food, breathe, get dressed, sit, and many more. Our unconscious brain uses these patterns of how we move and hold ourselves up (our posture) to determine which muscles to use and to what degree they need to be used (which will be obviously different on one side of the body or the other).

The challenge exists in understanding or appreciating that these patterns are normal and predicable based on the normal human structure, wiring and function.  When these imbalances become too great or there are injuries or other factors that that disrupt your normal movement patterns the result can often be stress and strain on areas of the body that may not be directly related to the area of the injury.  For example, if you step on a sharp rock on your left foot you will have to adapt the amount of pressure and therefore work you are putting on your right leg. When you understand the normal patterns that exist, can identify them when they exist and are being overused, and know the different things that may be influencing them, you have an ability to actually get to the root of the problem when things start to hurt, or just don’t get better the way they should.

This is exactly what our therapists are experts at.

Our therapists utilize the science of Postural Restoration® which is a foundational science that identified these patterns, why they exist, what influences them (there are lots of things), and ways to manage them.  Our therapists will utilize manual and non-manual (exercise) techniques, to restore this normal ideal position of a common pattern present in all humans.  We will utilize other healthcare practitioners to assist us including dentists, optometrists, podiatrists and more if needed. When properly positioned, aligned and balanced, the joints and muscles of your body can work in a more effective and efficient manner which will truly get to the root of any problem you were having and fix it for good.

To learn more about Postural Restoration® visit the Postural Restoration Institute® (PRI) website. 


In order to maximize our patient outcomes and fully address all of the issues that may be contributing to problems that are not getting better with traditional physical therapy or even a good PRI based program, we often will integrate and collaborate with other professionals.  We are not experts in everything but we fully recognize and value the expertise others have.  For years we have prided ourselves on our openness and willingness to work with other professionals who share similar philosophies in regards to collaborative care for the benefits of our patients.  The following are several (but not all) of the professionals we integrate with on a regular basis.

Dental Professionals

The way your teeth fit and the way you utilize your occlusion or bite can have a dramatic impact to your head, neck and general upright postural or balance systems.  If someone is struggling with neck pain, headaches, dizziness, balance issues, or jaw and facial pain, sometimes we need the help of a dentist or orthodontist to assist with managing the influence your teeth may be having on your bite.  READ THIS for more information on how your teeth can influence the rest of your body.

Dr Rebecca Hohl

We have collaborated with Dr Hohl and her staff for many years.  Her understanding of the occlusal relationship with the rest of your body and her staffs willingness to collaborate with us is unmatched in this town by an orthodontist.  In fact she even built a room solely for use in collaborating without patients in her building.  If you need orthodontia or braces we highly recommend her staff!

Dr Megan Hungerford

Dr Megan and her staff at Smile Innovations Dentistry collaborate with our staff on a regular basis and do a wonderful job helping us to manage neck, head and postural issues with the use of dental splints.  Our staff spends time in her clinic co-treating patients regularly.  Its not uncommon to see our staff checking flexibility and watching people walk up and down their hallways to ensure Dr Megan’s great work matches what we would like for your body.



We also feel strongly that your visual system and what you see and perceive about the world around you with your eyes has a strong influence on how you hold yourself up and move.  Often ensuring you have an appropriate pair of glasses that allows you to move in a more efficient manner is necessary.  READ THIS to learn more about how your visual system may be related to your posture.

We currently work with several local optometry groups in Lincoln, NE who are willing to work with us to provide you with a more effective glasses prescription if needed.  Currently, Dr Steve Wise also co-treats and sees patients will us in our clinic on certain days so we can ensure and fine tune your prescription if this is playing a role on your issues.  Your PT will recommend and direct this collaboration and show you how this works if we feel this is a necessary issue.


Dr Paul Coffin, a podiatrist from Sioux City, Iowa, has been coming to treat and co-treat patients in our clinic for many years.  He and his wife/administrator have travelled the roads to Lincoln many many times.  He is an expert in the biomechanics of the foot and ankle, and more importantly in the influence the foot and ankle has on hip function and gait or walking.  He makes a custom orthotic, a PRI orthotic, that is made like no other orthotic on the market which can be used to help us if there are foot and ankle issues that need to be addressed!  Our Physical Therapist, Dave, also takes impressions that Dr Coffin uses to manufacture orthotics.  So if a good orthotic is what you need you may not even need to see Dr Coffin.  We can get that process going for you.

Often our patients don’t need a full custom orthotic but they do need assistance in managing the foot and ankle and its influence on your gait and posture.  Sometimes a great shoe is all you need.  This is why we research and develop our shoe list.  If you need help with fitting a shoe we utilize 2 local running stores to assist our patients.  Lori and her staff at Fleet Feet, Lincoln, and Ann and her staff at The Lincoln Running Company understand our passion about shoes and will work with you, and us, to find the perfect shoe for you!

Other Professionals

Depending on your specific issues and needs we will also recommend and collaborate with other professionals and have established relationships with many others including chiropractors, oral-motor specialists, speech therapists, massage therapists, dieticians, many physician specialists and others.  We will truly make sure you get help from whomever you need to make sure you get better!


Our team of Physical Therapists at the Hruska Clinic™ specialize in Postural Restoration® and serve as consultants to many other health care practitioners across the country.  Consultations with patients can occur at the request of the patient or their primary Physical Therapist to provide an additional opinion about their current physical therapy plan, or to recommend and address need for integrated care such as dental, podiatric, or visual integration including our PRIME program. If additional dental or visual integration needs are recommended, the PTs at the Hruska Clinic will assist in the application of this integrated care if you desire by meeting with the patient and the dentist or optometrist as needed.  Other consultation services provided by physical therapists may include working with personal trainers as well as others to implement necessary modifications in their program.

If you are a trained professional and are interested in utilizing our consultation services, please print and complete our Patient TRIAGE form below, then fax to 402-467-4580 prior to your patient’s appointment. This will provide the consulting Hruska Clinic™ PT valuable information on your patient and assist with integrating his/her plan of care.  If your patient is going to be integrating with our staff and our dental team please fill out the dental triage sheet below.

Please contact us at 402-467-4545 to make arrangements for consultative services.

  • Use this form if you are referring a patient to the Hruska Clinic for a general consultation.

  • Download this form if you are referring a patient to be seen for dental consultation with the Hruska Clinic and Dr. Hohl or Dr. Campbell


(Postural Restoration Integrative Multidisciplinary Engagement)

The value we placed on professional integration has led to the development of our PRIME program that takes this integrated philosophy to another level.  Through this program we have patients come to Lincoln, NE from all over the world to engage with our multidisciplinary team that works in an integrated manner to set up a successful program for rehabilitation or human performance.  Our staff leads this integrated team that we often use with our local patients when integrated care is necessary. To learn more about our PRIME program click HERE or visit our dedicated website for PRIME at www.primengagement.com


Hruska Clinic Clinical Integration Mentorship Program

The Hruska Clinic™ is an outpatient clinical facility that helps to educate Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Personal Trainers, and other Healthcare Providers in the science of Postural Restoration® in a stimulating environment un-paralleled to any other facility across the country.

Individuals who choose to mentor with our staff will have the opportunity to shadow the Physical Therapists from the Hruska Clinic™ during their day-to-day interactions with their patients as well as integrating with other healthcare professionals. Currently the mentorship program consists of shadowing the Hruska Clinic staff as well as their integrated care with other professionals or whatever other experiences the attendee would like to pursue, if those opportunities are available when the attendee is at the clinic. Completing a clinical integration mentorship program can provide the Postural Restoration® practitioner the added confidence and experience in implementing Postural Restoration® concepts and techniques.  Specific daily observations may vary based on the therapists schedule.

If you are interested in shadowing for an experience at our clinic, give us a call at (402) 467-4545 or please email Jason at masek.jason@hruskaclinic.com

Program Highlights

  • Interns gain a broader perspective on multi-interdisciplinary integration between the patient and healthcare professionals
  • Able to shadow 4-5 Postural Restoration Certified™ therapists and ascertain their clinical decision making skills related to Postural Restoration®.

Learning Objectives

  • Able to use appropriate functional nomenclature to describe all patterns related to Postural Restoration® including objective tests, functional tests and techniques.
  • Ability and proficiency in developing and progressing a plan of care employing Postural Restoration®

To Read about other peoples experiences with our mentorship program, visit our TESTIMONIAL PAGE.

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