January 1


Welcome to 20-21.  There haven’t been many years that people have looked forward to more than 20-21.  If only because we are ready to be done with 20/20.  Everyone has had a very interested and trying year in 20/20, but we hope you learned something from it… we sure did.  A year ago the cliche marketing ploy was to use the year 20/20 with some sort of vision reference, which was a low hanging fruit so to speak.  However I think many people do not realize what that really entailed.  All the challenges that the year 20/20 brought were actually what was needed for us to actually gain the clarity and focus that is 20/20.   In order to get clarity and focus and get 20/20 vision you have to stop, pause, pay attention to what you are looking at and tweak the lens that you are looking through for complete focus.  Without stopping and tweaking (and man did we all have to tweak) you wont gain 20/20 vision.  We were all forced to do that which was a blessing (a hard blessing) but a blessing.

However,  just like with our vision integration program, which is unlike any integrated vision program, 20/20 is just the start, not the goal.  Once you have 20/20 vision you need to be able to move with it. Is that 20/20 vision the best to help you move forward?  You will only know when you move forward and continue to tweak and progress.  Now that we are in 20-21 which in itself is a progression forward we can start to really get better and make progress.  If you don’t use and continue to tweak your 20/20 vision you are missing out on fully maximizing your life.  That is why in 20-21 we are going to “focus” on the progression of MOVING FORWARD.  We want to help YOU move forward as a patient, as a co-worker, as a fellow healthcare worker, as a human.  Literally we want you to MOVE FORWARD, figuratively we want you to MOVE FORWARD, in every way we want you to MOVE FORWARD.  Join us as we MOVE FORWARD. 

Thank God 20-21 is here.  Now we can MOVE FORWARD!


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