By: Jason Masek

Origianally posted: 5-28-2019

Lets Get Squared Away!

In every moment we are shaping our bodies into a posture that corresponds to the demands placed upon it. Sometimes it repeats itself in a predictable way in which we call a pattern. We all fall into patterns which create postures that reflect our body’s overall shape and/or position. Our bodies are positioned by how we use it and theses patterns regulate how we function. 

Let’s look at some of the structural implications pertaining to the position of the pelvis and how it relates to the rib cage.  The pelvis is directly connected to the spine.  Therefore, the position of your pelvis will affect the position of your spine and rib cage. Not only can changing the position of the pelvis affect rib cage position, but likewise, rib cage position can affect pelvic position. The combination of an elevated chest (rib cage) and an anteriorly tilted pelvis is a common posture that compromises the capability to achieve proper stabilization of the pelvis and ribcage. 

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