APRIL 2022

   On April 2nd the initial Babe Lincoln baby expo was held in Lincoln, NE.  We were excited to provide some information to expecting and new mothers on ways to stay healthy during and after giving birth, including positioning activities, pelvic floor health, abdominal muscle strength and recovery utilizing our approach to therapy called Postural Restoration (R). 

We gave out eggs (with a little treat inside) and some information about how your internal egg structure of your pelvis floor diaphragm and breathing diaphragm (2 diaphragms) on the right and left sides (2 sides) need to be in the correct position for maximal stability and function. See below. #yearof2 (IYKYK)

As you can see we also provided a link to a page on our website with some new information specifically tailored to pregnant women or new moms in regards to how to keep your body working the best it can during and after pregnancy and how our approach to pelvis floor issues is different. Click the button below to access this page and learn more with videos and handouts to peruse and share!

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