Online Consultation

In order to assist people who are outside the state of Nebraska, or would desire a consultation with our staff to discuss a PRI program, integration recommendations, or to assist their current Physical Therapist with program progression or implementation, our staff is able to utilize an online platform to provide consultation. We utilize a secure platform at doxy.me for our virtual appointments.

If you would like more information in regards to online consultation services CONTACT US.

Due to our role in this platform as consultants, these services will not be billable through insurance. Options for online consultations will vary depending on your circumstances as follows.

PRIME Patients

If you have been to the Hruska Clinic as a PRIME patient, you will receive one follow-up virtual session as part of your PRIME week.  This is included as part of our program’s clinical management fee.

If additional consultation services are recommended they will be billed at:

  • $170 per hour or our current hourly self-pay rate

**These sessions are scheduled at the discretion of the patient and case manager

Online Consultation Only

If you are interested in an online consultation with one of our therapists, we first request that you fill out our PRIME application form (Click Button Below), e-mail or fax it to us, and let us know when you send it in that you are interested in online consultation.

This information will be reviewed prior to your session so that your consulting therapist can have as much information about you and your case to improve our efficiency and efficacy.

The costs for online consultation sessions are as follows:

  • $250 for the initial 1-hour session and follow-up communication recommendations after this session.

If you and your consulting therapist feel that multiple sessions will be beneficial:

  • Individually paid sessions will be billed at $250 per hour session.


  • Purchase 4- 1 hour sessions for $700.  These are to be used within a 6 month timeline of purchase. (pre-paid and prorated at $175 per session for a $75 per session discount)

**If additional sessions are recommended or required, this can be discussed with your managing therapist.

Consultation with PRI-minded practitioner (Non-PRIME)

If you are a PRI-Minded practitioner and would like to have an online consultation with your patient and one of our therapists , or would just like to have a one hour block to discuss other cases with our staff, we would love to sit down and assist you in any was we can.  We request that the provider fill out the Consultation triage form and send it to us prior to this online consultation session.

This session will be billed at $250 per hour session for consultation and e-mail follow-up.

**This fee is for our time for this consultation only.

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