The Hruska Clinic has always had a strong understanding of the respiratory system and its relationship to whole body function and well-being and desire to improve this function through the treatment philosophy and science of the Postural Restoration Institute(R) (PRI).  One of the foundational pieces of treatment recommendations through the Postural Restoration Institute is the improvement of and utilization of breathing for movement and health.  We all have asymmetrical (right different than left) respiratory and postural function and most have limited breathing efficiency as a result of this.  If your breathing becomes inefficient enough, your body will compensate to breathe, potentially leading to other musculoskeletal or neurological issues. Therefore improving respiratory efficiency can lead to improvements in those same issues.

This last year and a half with the COVID pandemic we have all realized the importance of breathing and now with potentially 40% or more of people who have had COVID struggling to recover with a myriad of symptoms breathing efficiency is even more important.  PRI released a series of free webinars outlining some of the issues related to breathing and breathing mechanics early in the pandemic.  Now that we are still dealing with the impact in these [almost] post-COVID times these issues still need to be addressed.  If you are still struggling with the effects of COVID or even if you are not the Hruska Clinic therapists are experts in the treatment of Respiratory issues through PRI science and can certainly help you out.


Watch the videos below or contact us if you need additional treatment or help.  For more information on the Postural Restoration Institute (R) click HERE.

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