Updated at least twice a year the Hruska Clinic shoe list is utilized by practitioners across the globe when trying to find appropriate shoe wear for their patients and clients. 

  Improper shoe wear can quickly defeat any Physical Therapy program.

  Everytime you stand up your whole body is influenced by your feet.  No matter what is bothering you, if you aren’t getting better, perhaps you need someone to check your shoes.

Fortunately, the correct shoe wear can have dramatic positive effect on any Physical Therapy program.

The proper shoe can provide more control of the heel bone and mid-foot, or sensory guidance for proper gait mechanics, or cushion to sense the foot’s impact on their body. Our therapists can direct you to the shoe that gives you just what you need to have success. The correct shoe can be the key for some people to progress and get better in their program when nothing else has helped.

We will make sure your shoes are not holding you back!

The Hruska Clinic® recommended shoe list is reviewed and updated at least annually to provide individuals with choices of shoes that promote a successful PRI integrative program.

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