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To Squat.. or Not to Squat

One of the most common exercises prescribed for lower extremity strength and power is a squat exercise.  Unfortunately, this is also an exercise that sometimes hurts or causes injury if not done correctly. Listen to PT Dave Drummer discuss when he feels comfortable...

Hruska Clinic Shoe List Updated For 2021

Proper shoes can make or break a good rehab or performance program. This is why at least twice a year the Hruska Clinic staff updates and puts out our recommended shoe list. Based on Postural Restoration  principles to guide our decision making, the shoes are picked...

20-21 A year to MOVE FORWARD

January 1 20-21Welcome to 20-21.  There haven't been many years that people have looked forward to more than 20-21.  If only because we are ready to be done with 20/20.  Everyone has had a very interested and trying year in 20/20, but we hope you learned something...

**UPDATED** Hruska Clinic Shoe List Sept 2020

Usually twice a year the Hruska Clinic staff, led by our fearless Lori Thomsen, embarks on updating our annual Shoe List.  Clinically we see the power of proper, and improper, footwear on PRI programs on a daily basis.  It is for this reason that we are so diligent in...

UPDATE to COVID-19 Policy

**UPDATE** In order to comply with City of Lincoln Mask Mandate as of 7/20/2020. All patients, staff, and visitors will be required to wear masks in our waiting room when social distancing cannot be maintained. Once you are in a room with your therapist if you both...

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: A Video Series

PELVIC FLOOR DYSFUNCTION: A VIDEO SERIES In a 5 part video series Lori describes pelvic floor dysfunciton, its mechanics, pathomechanics and how normal human patterns of asymmetry, if not addressed, may influence the function of the pelvic floor as well as the ability...

My Aching Right Hip

Jason illustrates how right hip pain may not be a right sided issue using a telephone pole to demonstrate. If you are struggling with right hip pain maybe you’ve been treating the wrong thing.

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