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What Patients Are Saying

Josyelyn; Patient

“I had never experienced physical therapy in this way”

At a time when I felt hopeless, a friend told me about Lori Thomsen at Hruska Clinic. I was reluctant wondering how this could be any different from what I had already tried. My prior attempts to rid of my chronic headaches post motor vehicle accident had failed. Physical therapy, acupuncture, and recommendations from pain specialists were unsuccessful. I thought I would have to live with chronic headaches indefinitely. When I reached out to Hruska, Lori herself talked with me to listen to my concerns. She was confident she could help and suggested a consult. Meeting Lori and taking her instruction changed my life for the better! Instead of just focusing on my neck, she focused on my whole body. I had never experienced physical therapy in this way. Lori’s knowledge, skills, and ability to connect with her patients is something I have never experienced before. She goes above and beyond to put her patients’ needs first in order to help them be the best they can be. She takes extra time to make sure you understand your body, the exercises that will help you, and gives continual direction on what steps to take along your physical therapy journey. Not only does she encourage you at your appointments, but she is also available for questions after you leave. I am thrilled to say that after working with Lori, I can enjoy life headache free! To this day, several years later, I continue to reach out to Lori as physical therapy needs come up. I wholeheartedly refer family, friends, and co-workers to Lori. I would not consider going anywhere else. Thank you, Lori, and the entire Hruska team for ALL that you do to serve your patients. I am honored to be one of them.

McKenna; Patient

“The approach was so much different than what I had experienced with numerous physical therapists in the past”

I started suffering from hip and pelvic floor pain when I was 15. Whenever I consulted a doctor or physical therapist, I was told that it was likely my body compensating for my scoliosis. I was always told it was something I would just have to live with. I struggled for 4.5 years before it was so unbearable that a therapist ordered an MRI. It revealed a hip labral tear, and I had surgery. I followed the normal course of physical therapy treatment after the procedure. I felt so hopeful that the pain would finally stop, but I wasn’t seeing any progress despite the doctor saying it was fully healed.

 Desperate, I turned to my google search bar, and I came across Lori’s name. I met with Lori over the course of a year and a half. Lori refused to give up on me, even when it seemed like I wasn’t making any progress. She continued to try new things, search for answers, and refused to let me lose hope throughout the process. 

 The approach was so much different than what I had experienced with numerous physical therapists in the past. Lori didn’t just address the site of the pain. She was always assessing my strength throughout my entire body and continually giving me new exercises to continue the improvement process. Lori made changes to my shoes, addressed how to approach everyday tasks properly (sitting at a desk, standing for long periods of time, etc.) and even discovered the need for a small correction to my vision, which happened to be the final missing piece to my puzzle!

 Most importantly, Lori was always a great teacher. She made sure I understood why we were doing what we were doing. She helped me become so in tune with my body. She equipped me with the knowledge and resources I needed so that eventually, I was able to identify what exercises and corrections I could make to alleviate pain on my own.

I am now 25, feel great, and am able to effectively manage and correct my discomfort on the minimal occasions it returns. It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am for Lori. She’s not only the best therapist, but a truly amazing person, influence, and friend. Thank you Lori and the Hruska Clinic for changing my life! 

Megan; Patient

“I have come very far in a short amount of time with many thanks to this amazing team…”

In the year of 2017 I was in a hotel room and woke up unable to get out of bed, swallow water without my neck adn arms in intolerable pain.  For the next months on end I checked into multiple physical therapists for the pain… I was blessed far beyond belief when I walked into Hruska Clinic for the first time during the hardest moments of my life.  I worked, and still continue to work, with Jason on keeping the body relaxed, stretched out, and strong.

After being correctly diagnosed a year adn ahalf later with autoimmune disease(s) plus a car wreck just a few months ago, I have seen remarkable improvements be done at this clinic.  Jason has always been an amazing physical therapist.  Not only does he know exactly what a body needs, as all bodies are not the same.  He isthere for support along the way.  I progressed so much that my pain level is now around a two instead of an eleven.  I am now in the gym and able to do my favorite dance fitness classes!!!

Since my autoimmune disease and the car accident, I have come very far in a short amount of time with many thanks to this amazing team at Hruska Clinic.

Hannah; Patient

“I have had nothing but a positive and effective experience…”

After recently having foot surgery and not being able to be on campus to work with my athletic trainer, my sister suggested I go see Dave at Hruska Clinic.  Dave was more than willing to step in and help me out.  I have had nothing but a positive and effective experience and am very grateful for his efforts.  I would highly recommend Dave to anyone!

Molly; Patient

“Simply, the best.”

My experience at Hruska Clinic has deeply enhanced my quality of life for many years. Having been in two motor vehicle accidents in my teens, I developed terrible posture, experienced chronic back and neck pain, and ultimately, struggled with ocular migraines that lasted for years. One day, while at work, a colleague stopped mid-sentence and asked, “are you in pain?” And I, completely unaware that it was that apparent, said, “Yes. I’m in chronic pain.” This colleague had been a patient at Hruska Clinic and referred me that day. Soon thereafter, my journey through PRI (with vision therapy) brought me to the healthiest I had ever been as an adult. I had literally no more migraines, very little if any back and neck pain, and slept better than I ever had. I WANTED to be active, and had much more energy. I was in the best shape I had been as an adult. 

 Fast forward a few years, and at 36-years old I was in an unfortunate martial arts accident and I had badly dislocated my knee. In less than 24 hours, I was on the phone with Hruska Clinic, knowing that absolutely no one would do a better job rehabilitating my knee. I was relieved to get into my favorite physical therapist, and right away we were on the journey to healing. Within five months of my injury, I was discharged, and not quite a year later, I am almost completely unaware that anything ever happened to that knee. I cannot say enough absolutely wonderful things about the team at Hruska Clinic. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, their revolutionary, whole-person approach to physical therapy is sought after by patients and other practitioners alike for good reason. Simply, the best.


Mary; Patient

“The Hruska Clinic’s techniques work and I have personally experienced amazing results”

The Hruska Clinic helped me recover from an injury and I am back to enjoying my regular activities of jogging, walking, and taking long car rides. Lori Thomsen has been a wonderful coach and mentor and help me learn how to improve my posture and gait. I have to say that I was apprehensive about some of the clinic’s techniques, but I decided to be open minded and give my best effort. The Hruska Clinic’s techniques work and I have personally experienced amazing results. As a client, you have to be committed to complete your exercises daily and communicate with your therapist how you are doing. Lori is kind and compassionate and patient. She accommodates your style of learning and helps you to master the exercises before you leave the clinic. I am so happy with the help that I have received from Hruska Clinic. I would highly recommend Lori Thomsen, if you have an active life style and you are experiencing any pain. I am back to jogging and taking long car rides and enjoying life!



Meghan; Patient

“…they gave me my life back”

The best way I can describe what Lori and Hruska Clinic did for me is that they gave me my life back. I came to them with pain, migraines, and a list of issues that to me would never get better. Over the course of less than a year, Lori gave me a solution to every single issue and best of all, my pain and migraines went away entirely. I was able to get strong enough to learn how to downhill ski and start running again. Best of all, I know I have people on my team and strategies in my pocket when I need them again in the future. Thank you, Lori and Hruska Clinic!



Diane; Patient

“…clinic that thinks outside of the box and get results”

If you are looking for a physical therapy clinic that thinks outside of the box and get results then Hruska Clinic is the way to go! In November 2008 I was experiencing pelvic floor problems during jogging.  I was looking for a physical therapist and I had 2 people share with me their experience and great success with Hruska Clinic.  I went to Lori Thomsen and could not have been more pleased. Since then Lori has helped me with foot, hip, low back pain and neck tension.  The therapists are very knowledgeable and receive cutting education. This practice is professional yet very personal. Love this clinic. I am so thankful for the help I have received from them! 




What Professionals Are Saying

Christy Peterson, PT - Ord, NE

I have utilized Postural Restoration techniques for both myself and my patients for several years. I have practiced for 23 years and now consider this approach to be my most valuable tool for effective patient treatment. The philosophy of decreasing unwanted muscle tone by total isolation of others offers extremely rapid results…

The integration of systems I see performed at Hruska Clinic including respiration, vision, dental and musculoskeletal seem to create a unique opportunity for rapid tone changes, improved postural balance and subsequent pain relief. My previous skepticism has been negated by amazed patients who are witnessing major changes in functional ability and pain reduction.

Ann Ringlein - Manager, Lincoln Running Company

“If you are a runner and have experienced chronic injuries I strongly recommend The Hruska Clinic”

Under all the hats I wear….. running store manager, coach, marathon class instructor and runner myself ….. I find the Hruska Clinic is the perfect fit in the circle of staying healthy as a runner. There is so much more to running than just the act of running. In fact that is the easy part – the running. So many times runners forget about all the little things that keep you healthy and then the problems arise. I know right away, when talking to various injured runners, to refer them to The Hruska Clinic. I want the runners I work with to run forever and I feel that is where The Hruska Clinic comes in. The therapists there don’t just put a “bandage” on the problem and send you off, they fix the problem and send you home with exercises you can do and should do forever! They understand runners and the urgency sometimes felt by this type of athlete and deal with them accordingly.

If you are a runner and have experienced chronic injuries I strongly recommend The Hruska Clinic to get you on the road to running healthy forever!

Karla Curran - Coach, Wahoo Cross Country

“They don’t just treat the problem, they determine why it happened in the first place”

I cannot say enough about the quality of care and personal attention you receive when you visit Hruska Clinic. From the moment you walk through the door, you are treated professionally. Both my son and daughter are receiving treatment through Hruska Clinic; my son due to a catastrophic hip fracture, and my daughter because of significant muscular imbalances. I am happy to report that they are both doing very well competing in cross country this fall. We have been to other physical therapists, but without a doubt, Hruska Clinic is by far the best. They don’t just treat the problem, they determine why it happened in the first place, and through specific strengthening exercises, correct it.

I trust Hruska Clinic’s judgment completely, that is why I have recently begun treatment at the Clinic, and have recommended them to several of my athletes. As a coach, I can rest assured that my athletes will be taken care of, and back on the course in no time. Thank you, Lori, and all the crew at Hruska Clinic. You are truly a blessing!

What Our Mentorees Are Saying

Navin Hettiarachchi

Director of Health, Wellness and Performance, Washington Wizards

After taking all three home study courses and five different live seminars from PRI, I was still missing something. I was not connecting the dots between what I had learned and what I needed to do, so I decided to spend a week at the Hruska Clinic to observe the treatment approach put into practice. The trip was exactly what I was looking for; it was amazing!

Going to the Hruska Clinic every day and seeing Ron, Lori, Torin, Dave and Jason actually treating and evaluating patients was fascinating. Observing them, and experiencing the PRI clinic staff go out of their way to explain what they were doing and why they chose specific treatments and exercies, was exactly what I needed. I had my “Ah-Ha!” moment when all the training clicked, and I became comfortable and confident with what I had learned. I finally knew what I need to do in PRI evaluations and treatments. The trip was invaluable for clarifying my studies and moving me from simply knowing to actually understanding.

My co-workers may say that I am drinking the PRI Kool-Aid, but after traveling the world and learning from the best osteopaths, chiro-practitioners and physical therapists, I am a firm believer that PRI should be the first technique used in treatment—similar to building a good foundation for a house. It is clear to me that without achieving neutrality, our subsequent treatments won’t be successful. I am so happy that I chose to take the final step of observing at the clinic.


Akira Yoshimoto

I am Akira Yoshimoto from Japan.

I participated in the mentorship program on January 20, 2018.

I had been waiting for this opportunity so long.

I treat mainly sports injuries for junior, elite and professional athletes in my office with acupuncture, micro current modality and PRI.

I wanted to see how the Hruska Clinic staff used PRI technique in actual practice.

I saw the immediate change of a patient’s movement and behavior with each treatment technique.

I will never forget the patients faces brightened up after a treatment session.

I will learn more the essence of PRI and will definitely come back here.

Thank you very much for all your welcome support.

Martin Higgins PT,PRC

Owner Martin Higgins Physiotherapy Clinics, UK

”It was an absolute privilege to spend time in one of the leading physiotherapy clinics in the world. The work that Ron and his team are doing is outstanding and it was a fantastic learning experience for me. It was great to work with Jason Masek, he does a great job of keeping a very complex science as simple as he can for his patients. One of the biggest things that I will take back to England with me after watching Jason in clinical practice is to try and keep things as simple as you can. Go for the basics of left AFIR, right apical expansion, gait and try to integrate PRI into standing activities as soon as possible.

During the week, there was such a varied caseload and Jason treated patients of all ages.
It was great to see the science of PRI in practice and with different patients at different stages of their rehabilitation.

“When I graduated in 2000 I would never have thought that my career would take me to the American midwest! I had an amazing week with everyone at the clinic. I am not sure that the people of Lincoln know just what amazing therapists they have on their doorstep. For me, PRI has the most innovative and forward thinking physiotherapists in the United States if not the world. I am really looking forward to putting some of the clinical gems I learned during my time in Lincoln into my practice”

Many Thanks again to Jason, Ron, Dave and all the team for making my week so memorable and I hope to be across again soon for more learning!

Takuto Kondo, ATC, CSCS, PRT

This is Takuto Kondo from Japan. I spent three days in Hruska clinic™ in May, 2016. First of all, I strongly recommend to everyone to spend few days for the mentorship program at the Hruska Clinic™ because it was one of the best learning experiences for me. I have learned about PRI since 2013, and have taken all the primary and secondary courses. But, I felt; and still feeling, that I have a long way to go to be a real “PRI therapist”, so I decided to go to Lincoln.

What I saw in the observation hours was the “pure form of PRI therapy”. All the PRI therapist.. were really helpful. They showed me many things that I couldn’t learn from the PRI manual.

I had a chance to see the patient who came to the clinic for the first time. It was cool to see the first assessment. Also, it was nice to see how the PRI therapists explain PRI therapy. After the treatment, they asked me if I had question about the treatment. They kindly answered all the questions, I learned a lot from them every day.

My observation hour is from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and I could be with at least one PRI therapist ALL THE TIME! There was no time that I was bored. Also, it was nice to see “ungrounded”, vision and occlusion patient. I recommend taking at least all the primary courses prior to the mentorship to make the learning experience more valuable. I am looking forward to coming back to Hruska Clinic™ again!

Thomas Dewey ATC, CSCS

I was first introduced to the concepts and theories of the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) in 2012. Since 2012 I have attended 5 PRI courses, and have integrated PRI techniques into my clinical practice. Although I felt as if I understood the concepts and theories from PRI some of my patients were not responding to the PRI techniques. I knew there were gaps in my approach to the PRI techniques. Attending the Hruska Clinic mentorship filled in the gaps, and introduced me to concepts from PRI vision and Temporal Mandibular Cervical Chain (TMCC). Jason, Torin, Dave and Lori were awesome. They made every attempt to introduce me to different patient cases and new PRI techniques. This was an amazing experience, and I would suggest the mentorship to any clinician who is using PRI techniques.

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